Comprehensive Eye Exams

An eye exam consists of more than just checking to see if you need glasses. During a comprehensive eye exam, we not only determine your prescription for glasses or contact lenses, we also assess your eyes’ ability to work together as a team (binocular vision). The dilated portion of the comprehensive eye exam helps us check for eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataract, and macular degeneration; and helps us evaluate your eyes for signs of systemic disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure, even brain tumors. Adults and children should have routine eye exams to keep prescriptions current and to check for early signs of eye diseases. Early detection can prevent vision loss.

Pediatric Eye Exams for Children

Pediatric Eye exams (ages 3-5) are extremely important for children in the detection of focusing difficulties, eye muscle teaming and coordination problems, visual perception abnormalities, and eye disease. Even with a serious eye or visual condition, many children may have no apparent signs or symptoms present. By identifying your child’s visual problems early, greater success can be achieved with treatment.

Contact Lens Exams

A contact lens exam consists of a comprehensive eye exam and requires additional testing to determine the power and fit of your contact lenses. After finding a contact lens that is comfortable for you, fits properly, and provides good vision, we will write a contact lens prescription which contains the parameters of your new contact lenses.

Ocular Disease Diagnosis

We are licensed to diagnose and manage virtually all eye diseases discovered in a comprehensive eye exam, including glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, eye infections, and ocular allergies.

Dry Eye Evaluation

Dry Eye Syndrome is one of the most common eye conditions we diagnosis and treat. Many suffer from a mixture of aqueous deficiency dry eye from reduced watery layer production and evaporative dry eye from deficient or poor quality oils. During a dry eye evaluation, we will determine which tear layer is the problem. Treatment of dry eyes depends exclusively on the underlying cause. To read more about our Dry Eye Treament visit our eye exam page.

Fitting for Eyeglasses

We offer a wide range of designer eyeglass and sunglass frames. After a comprehensive exam to determine your prescription needs we’ll ensure you leave with the right fit. You can learn more about the brands we offer by visiting our brands page.

Refractive Surgery (LASIK/PRK) Co-management

We collaborate with Thomas Tooma, MD, medical director for NVision Laser Eye Centers and Dan Tran, MD, medical director for Coastal Vision to provide refractive surgery pre/post operative care.

Cataract Co-management

A comprehensive eye exam can detect cataracts. In the event a cataract is diagnosed, we collaborate with Thomas Tooma, MD, medical director for NVision Laser Eye Centers and Dan Tran, MD, medial director for Coastal Vision to remove the cataract and address your visual needs. In conjunction with NVision Eye Institute and Coastal Vision we provide you with the latest advances in cataract surgery.