Contact Lenses

A person putting contact lens in his eye

Contact Lens Types

Many modalities of soft contact lenses exist: 1 day disposables, 2 week disposables, and a 1 month disposables. In certain cases where a disposable modality may not achieve the desired visual acuity, specialty contact lenses, such as RGP lenses may be selected.

Below is a list of contact lens fitting options:

  • Spherical: When the refractive error of the eye contains no astigmatism, we can fit you with a spherical contact lens
  • Toric: When the refractive error of the eye contains astigmatism, we can fit you with a toric contact lens. This lens is weighted to allow the position of the lens to stay in one place to correct for the irregular shape and two different focal points caused by astigmatism.
  • Monovision: When you are presbyopic, you lose your ability to read. Monovision contact lenses are fit to allow one of your eyes to see far and the other eye to see near. Monovision can be accomplished with both spherical and toric contact lenses depending on your refractive error.
  • Multifocal: When you are presbyopic, you lose your ability to read. Multifocal contact lenses are fit to give both eyes the ability to see distance and near. Multifocal contact lenses may not be an option if you have a large astigmatism in your refractive error.
  • RGP: Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses provide a very hard front optical surface to give you optimal clarity. This quality is especially important if your cornea has an irregular surface not allowing optimal clarity with soft disposable contact lenses.The irregular corneal surface can happen in certain eye dystrophies such as kerataconus or if your eye has had an injury resulting in a permanent corneal scar.
  • Colored: Whether you want a subtle enhancement of current eye color or a more dramatic color change, then colored contact lenses may be a great option for you. Many of these colored contact lenses come with no prescription, a prescription for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and can also be fit for your presbyopic needs.

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